iPhone 3g vodafone settings

If you have an unlocked iPhone and are planning on using it in Spain with vodafone, then you are going to want to know about these settings.

You will need to first purchase a vodafone sim and call customer service to activate the internet. Oh and make sure you speak spanish, because their customer service does not speak english.

Once you have the sim and the internet activated, you are going to need to go into your network settings.

Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network

Then enter these credentials for cellular Data

APN: airtelnet.es
Username: wapwap
password: wap

After you enter those, set your phone to airplane mode then turn it off and internet should be working!!

thanks to this post here!


UPDATE: That set of configuration from above appears to only have worked for me for a few hours. Again vodafone is of no help getting a good working setup so after some searching on the interwebs, I found another set of working configuration from here: http://forums.pinstack.com/f24/tcp_apn_wap_gateway_port_carrier_settings-360/

they actually give you settings for quite a few carriers in different countries.

Vodafone (Spain)
Gateway IP:
Port: 9201
APN: airtelwap.es
username: [email protected]
password: wap125

I didn’t need the gateway or port, but those are working for me at this point. Guess I will wait to see if this dies in the next day or so.

Zagg Invisible Shield Follow Up – BodyGuardz Review

not so invisible

I will start by saying this, DO NOT BUY THE ZAGG INVISIBLE SHIELD FOR IPHONE! It is a complete waste of money!

I received my zagg invisible shield on Febuary 10th, and recount my installation horror story here: http://www.dailyrelevance.com/iphone/zagg-invisible-shield

Im not one to completely disown a company, however, this has to be the worst product you could ever put on your iphone. Here are just a couple of things that Zagg needs to seriously improve on before they ever consdier selling their invisible sheild to anyone!

Installation was the most frustrating experience I have gone though in a while! Now, I can understand that it was my first time and that it does require a bit of a delicate touch, however, should it really be that hard?

Decreased touch response on the screen. I brought this up with zagg support and they said “You’ll get use to the change in touch performance. It’s not hindered, just different.” What is that supposed to mean? Why would I want my touch performance to be different than if I had nothing on the screen at all? To their defense, i never did call customer support. But I was at this point fed up with the product and going to just live with it.

Now if those were the only problems with the product I think that I would be OK, but obviously they are not!

The cover becomes severly discolored! I own a white iphone and after only 2 months with the zagg “invisible” shield it had become anything BUT invisible! Take a look at the above picture after removing the back cover. Continue reading Zagg Invisible Shield Follow Up – BodyGuardz Review

Mafia live – What do I do now?

It looks like the developers of mafia live have some work cut out for them. Apparently there is a huge gap between level’s 25 and 51, where you do not get anything new!

What is the point? Why should I keep playing? Personally, I think i find myself still playing the game because I just want to make more money and buy new things, but this is going to get old for me pretty fast. So if the mafia live team is reading this, you really need to get more content into the game.

Has anyone tried any of the other mafia games out there for iPhone or facebook?

Fight System Updates:

If you really want to become a powerhouse fighting in mafia live, you need to forget trying to upgrade your energy. Ive found that having high attack and defense points seems to far out weigh the overall equipment to family ratio. Even with my 300+ family and each having an AK-47, I can still loose to someone with 80+ points in defense and far less family members.

This only seems to be accurate though when there is only a marginal difference in your family members, around +- 200 family fully outfitted.

Family Codes

649 891 506

Keep posting your family codes in the comments if you want to be added by others as ive gotten a huge uptake in users searching for family codes. Ive also tried to keep up lists that I have found from cached google pages.

What do you guys thing about the game? What things would you do to change it, and what do you think about the other games out there?

Zagg Invisible Shield

Zagg Invisible Sheild
Zagg Invisible Shield

Targeted marketing worked again! Somehow they have been blasting me with advertisements about the Zagg Invisible Shield. Boasting its scratch proof material, crazy thin construction and easy installation. Easy installation?

I got this thing in the mail after about a week, and was pretty excited to get see what this thing could do. I had already watched the online video and was pretty confident that I could get this thing on there. They always make things look so easy on video don’t they!

If you know how professional window tint is installed, then the concept is very similar. You spray on this included liquid onto your fingers and the plastic, which keeps it from sticking right away and allows you to get everything adjusted. Then just squeegee out the bubbles and your done!

Yea, things didn’t go down like that at all! First of all trying to take off the paper from the plastic with wet fingers is near impossible. I ended up using a pair of tweezers. Second, make sure you are in the NASA rocket building lab with absolutely NO lint, hair, or fuzz because this thing is a magnet. Continue reading Zagg Invisible Shield