Mafia live updates and tips

goodfellasJust when I start to get board with mafia live, they throw out something new to get me going again. The whole appeal behind this game is its total simplicity. Mafia live doesnt contain amazing graphics, or hugely interactive levels, you buy fight and earn your way to the top by any means possible.

As always make sure to add me to your family and check out the mafia live family codes that I have posted. Make sure to include your family code in the comments if you want other people to add you as well.

Some new fantastic things in the game include bulk buying and selling of items. I know this was a huge pain for everyone when you start to get into the higher levels. I’m not all that impressed with the web interface since its litterally just an iphone looking webpage. One benefit is the reduced lagg when performing an action, but thats about it.

If you have not yet checked out the game, DO IT! its amazing addicting, and once you start you wont want to stop.

There really is no right way to play the game, just like there is no right way to sell drugs on the street! Make as much money as possible.

For those of you that have not figured this out yet here are some of the main points that you need to understand to win fights and make money.

Mafia Live Tips

  1. You only benefit from having 10x your level in family members. If you are level 10, well you get the point. Anymore than 100 family have no affect on fighting. Continue reading Mafia live updates and tips

Mafia live – What do I do now?

It looks like the developers of mafia live have some work cut out for them. Apparently there is a huge gap between level’s 25 and 51, where you do not get anything new!

What is the point? Why should I keep playing? Personally, I think i find myself still playing the game because I just want to make more money and buy new things, but this is going to get old for me pretty fast. So if the mafia live team is reading this, you really need to get more content into the game.

Has anyone tried any of the other mafia games out there for iPhone or facebook?

Fight System Updates:

If you really want to become a powerhouse fighting in mafia live, you need to forget trying to upgrade your energy. Ive found that having high attack and defense points seems to far out weigh the overall equipment to family ratio. Even with my 300+ family and each having an AK-47, I can still loose to someone with 80+ points in defense and far less family members.

This only seems to be accurate though when there is only a marginal difference in your family members, around +- 200 family fully outfitted.

Family Codes

649 891 506

Keep posting your family codes in the comments if you want to be added by others as ive gotten a huge uptake in users searching for family codes. Ive also tried to keep up lists that I have found from cached google pages.

What do you guys thing about the game? What things would you do to change it, and what do you think about the other games out there?

Mafia Live dot Org

I have put up a resource for mafia live enthusists here as it seems there isnt one central place for information about the game as well as a place to add/find codes. Its a quick standup of Joomla that I threw together from a Rocket Theme that I found appropriate. If you are interested in getting your site linked on let me know and i will throw up the link.

Mafia live tips and updates

Mafia Live

According to a mafia live employee post on getsatisfaction, the game was updated behind the scenes during the middle of the night. Not much appears to be changed except for a few new jobs and a supposubly more stable fight system.

I still don’t see the relevance of the whole mafia live fight system in general. One end says that people can sit online all day and spam for family members, in turn making them stronger and able to beat up on people with less family. Then an update was put out crippling this factor and making items more powerful. Now someone with 1 family memeber can attack someone with 1000 family members and still win as long as they have the right amount of equipment.

So what is the purpose of the mafia live slogan, “Build your family”? Isn’t the whole premise and success of this game bent on the virality and user growth? In its current state this no longer matters, i mean really who cares if invite someone because it doesnt get me anything other than the ability to do some jobs that without family I could not.

Mafia Live Tips for Newbs:

1) Buy equipmenet, if you are not able to find yourself anyone to add online – See my previous post – then stock up on revolvers or other low cost equipment to keep yourself from being from loosing to many fights.

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Mafia Live Iphone app


Ive recently become addicted to my iphone and the mafia iphone application is not helping me at all. The mafia iphone application is so addicting, that I find myself sitting there waiting for the time to count down so I can do more jobs and fight more people. If anyone would like to build their family, im accepting all applications. My mafia iphone app family id is 649891506 Add me to your family if you are new and would like to make some extra money in the mafia iphone application right away.

Right now there is a special going on and the application is only 2.99, I think that originally its 9.99. The mafia iphone application is the first app that I have bought for my phone and it was worth it. Im totally addicted!

Have fun and see you in the game!

Update, here is a list of ID’s ive found on the net. Keep checking back I will be growing the list as I find more!

Mafia live iphone codes:

649 891 506
222 770 158
116 648 372
539 787 048

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