More myspace friends

I have been on a quest to get as many friends possible on myspace, which has been fairly successful. Over the past few weeks, I have accumulated over 1100 friends. This has been accomplished using a few sites, which I will list below. Overall the process is manual, and the quality of people that are added to your profile are about half decent the other half bots or spam. If you are trying to market a product on myspace using this technique, the best way would be to spam friends, put up a picture of a hot girl, and target your product directly to myspace users. Such as a friend spammer, profile tool or any other type of myspace tool.

You can also be sure that the site that your using to spam isnt going to spam you with additional spam because any good site only requires your friend ID without any other form of registration. This makes it quick and easy to start spamming for friends.

Below are the list of sites used to spam friends to my profile:


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Share your Myspace artist playlist

Its great that MySpace allows you to put a single artists song onto your myspace page, but what if you could share your myspace artist playlist instead of a single song to a users profile!

Its completely possible and very easy to do, check out the play list below, try sharing it to your page. Its easy and not only can you share it to your myspace page but you can share it to any social network on the net. Blogger, iGoogle, and many others simply by using the viral sharing tools provided by and Clearspring.

Check out Share Myspace Playlist dot com that allows you to share any myspace artist playlist to any social network on the net. Its quick and easy, just type in the url of any myspace artist playlist into the search box and share the playlist using Clearsprings launchpad tool.