How to install the Android keyboard from the ICS 4.0 on your Galaxy SIII

After switching from the to the Galaxy S3 from the Galaxy S2, it became very apparent that the default keyboard provided by Samsung was completely HORRIBLE!  Something had to be done.

Where do I start with the samsung keyboard?  First, type recognition is so far from helpful that it just had to be disabled.  I doubt that it remembers any overrides such as my email address.  It always tried to change my email every time!

Second, trying to type with any speed would render totally useless sentences!  The touch accuracy is horrible.

I installed the Swiftkey 3 keyboard and it worked really well, however, the main problem is the speech to text integration.  Swiftkey 3 takes over the default experience by adding its on take on speech to text.  Its a total step back from the default ICS 4.0 experience.  It asks you to talk then presents you with multiple selections that it thinks you said.  Useless to use while your driving because now you have to read from multiple choices!

The stock android ICS 4.0 keyboard was going to have to be the way to go.  Check out my instructions below for installing the keyboard on your phone.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for Android ICS 4.0 devices, specifically the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Continue reading How to install the Android keyboard from the ICS 4.0 on your Galaxy SIII

iPhone 3g vodafone settings

If you have an unlocked iPhone and are planning on using it in Spain with vodafone, then you are going to want to know about these settings.

You will need to first purchase a vodafone sim and call customer service to activate the internet. Oh and make sure you speak spanish, because their customer service does not speak english.

Once you have the sim and the internet activated, you are going to need to go into your network settings.

Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network

Then enter these credentials for cellular Data

Username: wapwap
password: wap

After you enter those, set your phone to airplane mode then turn it off and internet should be working!!

thanks to this post here!

UPDATE: That set of configuration from above appears to only have worked for me for a few hours. Again vodafone is of no help getting a good working setup so after some searching on the interwebs, I found another set of working configuration from here:

they actually give you settings for quite a few carriers in different countries.

Vodafone (Spain)
Gateway IP:
Port: 9201
username: [email protected]
password: wap125

I didn’t need the gateway or port, but those are working for me at this point. Guess I will wait to see if this dies in the next day or so.

Governor McDonnell’s Proposal to Increase Speed Limit to 70MPH Passes House and Senate

–Measure Receives Broad Bipartisan Support in Both Chambers–

RICHMOND– Governor Bob McDonnell’s proposal to increase the speed limit in Virginia to 70mph in rural and less populated areas was approved today by both chambers of the General Assembly. The Governor’s measure received broad bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. In the House, Delegate Bill Carrico (R-Galax) carried the bill. Senator Steve Newman (R-Lynchburg) patroned the bill in the Senate. Both bills are identical. Each bill must still be voted on by the other house prior to being sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Speaking about today’s vote, Governor McDonnell remarked, “I thank Delegate Bill Carrico and Senator Steve Newman for their successful advocacy of this important proposal to speed up traffic in rural and less populated sections of Virginia. As today’s votes in both chambers demonstrate, there is broad bipartisan support for this common-sense idea. 32 states already have 70mph speed limits, and 13 allow motorists to drive 75mph. This slight increase in our speed limit will be safe for motorists and help get Virginians to their destinations a little quicker each day. This is an important early step towards our common goal of improving transportation in the Commonwealth.” Continue reading Governor McDonnell’s Proposal to Increase Speed Limit to 70MPH Passes House and Senate

Plasma vs LCD

When it came time to purchase a new TV, I did a bit of research and found that there was a significant price difference between LCD and Plasma TVs. Even up to this point I am still not entirely sure why the price difference is so significant.

There seems to be quite a bit of sales propaganda out there deferring people from one technology or the other, stating that Plasma tvs will die faster or that LCD tvs need to have their light changed every few hundred thousand hours, but still no clear facts why I should choose one technology over the other. Continue reading Plasma vs LCD

Why do couples that hate each other, stay together?

This has been an interesting question that many of you have asked over the years. As I have observed and helped many couples either move on or figure out what was going on, I have found a few simple answers to this complicated question. The answer to this question is the same answer to many other problems in everyone’s life, the fact that humans like simplicity and constants. Most people are opposed to change and see change as the enemy even if their current situation is in dire need of change.

This happens in many aspects of our life. We are in a job that we hate but don’t leave because either we think there are no other options or are forced to stay because of self inflicted obligations such as over extended debt load or improper planning, the first probably being the cause of the second. Maybe we are in a relationship that everyone knows is toxic, but we stay because change is hard.

There is a simple pattern here, the simple need for change in a situation that requires some action to see improvement. Maybe the relationship does not need a drastic change to see a drastic improvement, or maybe your job could simply be improved by changing your outlook and reducing the negative. In the end, bad situations require some sort of cause to have any sort of effect. Continue reading Why do couples that hate each other, stay together?

DailyRelevance’s New Look

Ive complained a few times about the use of Joomla as a CMS along with a popular subscription theme provider RocketTheme. This time they have really done a great job, combining their spectacular CMS design skills with WordPress.

Overall the theme was relatively easy to install. I had a one major issue with a plugin conflict, but other than that, after deactivating the plug-in, everything was up and running Perfectly! Continue reading DailyRelevance’s New Look