Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL and WordPress!

I’m a huge fan of the free SSL movement, and when I heard about Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL I was excited to try it out here.

With my run and gun style, I went ahead and enabled Flexible SSL on the domain and hoped for the best.  After about 24 hours, I noticed that things didn’t go so well.

The main site loaded, however, none of the CSS or Javascript files were loading due to them all trying to load over http.  Instead of trying to figure out what might be wrong, I went ahead and updated to the 2015 theme.  That seemed to take care of the main site, however, I still had issues on the admin side.

In the process of completely disabling my site by trying to just set my site url to https in general settings and figuring out how to switch it back here, I found that I was able to set a page rule in Cloudflare that always redirected my admin to https.

This seemed to do the trick, except for creating new posts.  When trying to create a new post, it tries to load tinymce over http.  After tons of searching I found the WordPress HTTPS plugin, which finally cleared up the tinymce loading issue and all is well!

Now I have my site running over https for free along with some basic CDN!