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I have put up a resource for mafia live enthusists here as it seems there isnt one central place for information about the game as well as a place to add/find codes. Its a quick standup of Joomla that I threw together from a Rocket Theme that I found appropriate. If you are interested in getting your site linked on let me know and i will throw up the link.

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    If you do not have any one else in your family and you get a redeem code by inviting some one by e-mail on the consilgliere page. then USE THE CODE FIRST before joining the other family. It will give you both $10K and the person inviting you and maybe you 3 Loyalty points.

    If you already have a growing family, DO NOT USE FAMILY CODES TO INVITE!!!!!

    Only use e-mail or iPhone telephone number (in US) so you can both get !)K on acceptance of invite.

    I only invite by e-mail, now, so don’t send or post your family codes, only e-mails.

    My e-mail is [email protected]

    Peter L

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