Zagg Invisible Shield

Zagg Invisible Sheild
Zagg Invisible Shield

Targeted marketing worked again! Somehow they have been blasting me with advertisements about the Zagg Invisible Shield. Boasting its scratch proof material, crazy thin construction and easy installation. Easy installation?

I got this thing in the mail after about a week, and was pretty excited to get see what this thing could do. I had already watched the online video and was pretty confident that I could get this thing on there. They always make things look so easy on video don’t they!

If you know how professional window tint is installed, then the concept is very similar. You spray on this included liquid onto your fingers and the plastic, which keeps it from sticking right away and allows you to get everything adjusted. Then just squeegee out the bubbles and your done!

Yea, things didn’t go down like that at all! First of all trying to take off the paper from the plastic with wet fingers is near impossible. I ended up using a pair of tweezers. Second, make sure you are in the NASA rocket building lab with absolutely NO lint, hair, or fuzz because this thing is a magnet.

Once a hair or fuzz does get on your unit, your screwed! At one point I thought I had successfully put the screen cover on, just to find that a 1/2 inch eyelash had fallen to its demise in the center of the screen and was now perfectly installed with the cover like one of those quarters laminated to the bar!

Me, being horribly OCD, had to remove the cover half way to get the hair out. At this point the cover had already partially dried and it now looks a bit stretched out after putting it back on again.

The front screen cover, was only half the battle. I was thinking to myself, that if I was able to get that front one on. The back shouldn’t be so bad. Wrong!

Having the same issues removing the paper, I soaked up the plastic cover and began to install. Now, all the movies show the user installing this on a black iPhone. Mine is white. This is where all the fuzz starts to show itself.

On my first round, I noticed that I had caught probably 10-15 pieces of fabric strings. Otherwise microscopic, but apparently the combination of being laminated between my white iPhone and the plastic, made them stand out like they were under a 10000x microscope!

So after hiring the shoemakers elves, I was able to get most of the strands out of there realizing where they had come from. My jeans!

After removing all my clothes at this point, I started again with the back piece again not having much luck. At this point im pretty much boiling madd because this little sticker is winning!

If you have ever touched one of those sticky mouse traps, that are supposed to humanely kill mice, which to this day i still dont understand how humane and kill are allowed to go in the same sentence. But anyways the experience is sort of like that. Once a hair or fuzz gets caught in this black hole abiss, its pretty much going to be there for ever.

After almost scrapping the whole operation and calling in for a refund, I was finally able to calm down long enough to get this thing installed and all glued to the phone. I’m still not sure if the whole schinanigan was worth it or not because they say it takes 12-24 hours before its completely “cured”.

Just remember, if you are going to attempt to install this thing. Make sure you do it somewhere with the least amount of debris. In my case it was in the bathroom. Make sure all fans are off, no pets are around, and you are completely naked with your head in a swimmers cap and eyes covered by ski goggles.

Good Luck! And I hope someone else has a better go at this than I did.

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  1. lol…didn’t quite manage the ski goggles but I just took about the same route to installing my BodyGuarz. After that experience though, I’ve made up my mind that paying so much for the stuff is a waste. I got the same thing from for 7 odd dollars and I can’t say I regret it. The solution wasn’t hard to make, I see no other difference apart from the cut. I rather like the cut of my new one anyhow.

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