Mafia live – What do I do now?

It looks like the developers of mafia live have some work cut out for them. Apparently there is a huge gap between level’s 25 and 51, where you do not get anything new!

What is the point? Why should I keep playing? Personally, I think i find myself still playing the game because I just want to make more money and buy new things, but this is going to get old for me pretty fast. So if the mafia live team is reading this, you really need to get more content into the game.

Has anyone tried any of the other mafia games out there for iPhone or facebook?

Fight System Updates:

If you really want to become a powerhouse fighting in mafia live, you need to forget trying to upgrade your energy. Ive found that having high attack and defense points seems to far out weigh the overall equipment to family ratio. Even with my 300+ family and each having an AK-47, I can still loose to someone with 80+ points in defense and far less family members.

This only seems to be accurate though when there is only a marginal difference in your family members, around +- 200 family fully outfitted.

Family Codes

649 891 506

Keep posting your family codes in the comments if you want to be added by others as ive gotten a huge uptake in users searching for family codes. Ive also tried to keep up lists that I have found from cached google pages.

What do you guys thing about the game? What things would you do to change it, and what do you think about the other games out there?

47 thoughts on “Mafia live – What do I do now?”

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    221 273 516
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