Share Any Myspace Artist playlist!

Check out this myspace artist sharing tool at, Its designed to take an artist’s Myspace page, grab their artist playlist and make it easy to share to your Myspace page, without having to know how to get the code from their site. Clearspring is providing the distribution platform, check it out and push your favorite artist play list to your Myspace page or any other social network supported by Clearspring’s sharing tools.

If you have any questions or comments about the myspace sharing tool, feel free to post them here!

6 thoughts on “Share Any Myspace Artist playlist!”

  1. why when i copy the code from my playlist does someone else’s playlist come up when i paste it to a bulletin?

  2. It shouldn’t. You should see the playlist that you copied the code from.

    Please let me know if this is not the case and I will look into it.

  3. well, it started working for a while, but now its doing the same thing…when i enter my url, it shows MY playlist. but when i post it in myspace, another playlist comes up. the artist that comes up is “Raine Maida”. its trippy. a friend of mine who uses this site said is happening to him to. ohter than that this site is super helpful…

  4. Where are you grabbing the code from to put on myspace?

    Are you using the larger menu below the player or the smaller tab menu just under the player?

    Also What is your myspace artist page that this is happening to, i cant seem to recreate?


  5. my url is (hundredproofmuziq)…i use the larger menu at the bottom of the screen…i press “embed” then i press “myspace”…then it gives me the code…i copy the code, but when i paste it “raine maida’s” playlist gets pasted…its weird…but if you could fill me in that’d be cool…thanx…

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