Creative X-Fi Ubuntu Support

After about a week of failed attempts at getting my Creative X-FI sound card to work with ubuntu, I finally found a guide that got me through!

For everything to work properly, you will need to disable the asla drivers and download a new volume mixer, all of which are outlined in the documentation.

You will need to follow the documentation pretty close except for some situations where the version numbers on the downloads have been updated and you will need to change the commands accordingly. Specifically when obtaining the OSS source files. When the document was written they were using v4.1, when i downloaded it was v4.2. this will affect subsequent commands and will just have to be updated.

The last part was to get the volume controller working, which was done again by following the instructions and just downloading an updated version of the *.so file. After doing that I had to remove and re-add the volume mixer to the pannel.

All is now right with the world!! You can check out the guide here:

Good luck getting the Creative X-fi drivers working on your ubuntu system!

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