DailyRelevance’s New Look

Ive complained a few times about the use of Joomla as a CMS along with a popular subscription theme provider RocketTheme. This time they have really done a great job, combining their spectacular CMS design skills with WordPress.

Overall the theme was relatively easy to install. I had a one major issue with a plugin conflict, but other than that, after deactivating the plug-in, everything was up and running Perfectly!After getting everything setup I decided that this theme was just to sweet to clutter with a bunch of different widgets. Ive currently got my whole mess of sidebar widgets disabled so that I may enjoy this amazing Refraction RocketTheme! The design is very clean and RocketTheme adds a few of their custom modules such as RokBox and RokTabs that have been proven in their Joomla themes many times over.

For those of you who hated the configuration and time it took to get things going with a Joomla template, you will find this whole process very refreshing. The guys over at RocketTheme really deserve some credit for their work and well deserve the cost of subscription.

For those of you not familiar with RocketTheme, they create high quality themes for Joomla, WordPress and phpBB. Their pricing plan is very reasonable for the individual user, and great for individuals who like to change up their designs every so often.

You have the option to purchase themes on a subscription basis. This means that if you buy one month of themes you are able to use any of their currently available themes for the duration of your month. With a year subscription, you are able to download and use anything they have now plus any new themes that might come out during the duration of your subscription time. There are additional license agreements based on the total number of sites you will be deploying your themes on. If you are a developer who is trying to resell their themes they have a plan for you as well.

Overall I have a renewed respect for the RocketTheme group. I have always admired their theme’s they put out for Joomla, but was never able to use them because I was never able to justify the headache of implementing Joomla.

Thanks RocketTheme!

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