Holiday Christmas Letter pre-game show

Everyone gets at least one, and most get mailboxes full of them each year. Yes, i’m talking about Christmas cards. Some people send you a little card with a beautiful scene on the front followed by a hallmark written note on the inside, signed yours truly The Jacks.

However, a few cards a more bulky than others and when opened falls a folded piece of paper and it only means on thing…Someone decided to write a holiday news letter about family and their goingz on during the year. This is all good, however, sometimes its better to just stick with the halmark written letter. Not everyone is a pro writer, but this isnt the worst part. Sometimes it really lets you know that your house is a bit smaller and your kids are seemingly dummber than everyone else.

Within those few letters are daggers of braggery, knives of gloat. Letting you know that little jimmy hacky sack made the deans list, AGAIN while attending little tikes preschool and little sally sack is on her way to the olypics (she is 4)… Maybe the sack family could come a little bit down to earth and just let us know what is really goingz on in their livez instead of making us all feel all the bit smaller and less adequate than we need to be.

So we know what not to do, now I need to figure out what TO do. I’m already a crippled writer to begin with, being a php developer. Where do I even begin? I don’t want to sound like those braggery letters that everyone so dreadfully reads, keeping their real thoughts to themselves, but I don’t want to put out a letter that sounds like a 4 year old wrote it. No offense to the sack family, who let their 4 year old write the letter, which was published in the NY Times magazine as best Christmas letter of the year.

Ive already done my writing exercises, putting down nonsense on paper to get the words flowing, which is quite fun as long as you don’t let anyone else read it. Now ive just got to put something together and see what happens.

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