Plasma vs LCD

When it came time to purchase a new TV, I did a bit of research and found that there was a significant price difference between LCD and Plasma TVs. Even up to this point I am still not entirely sure why the price difference is so significant.

There seems to be quite a bit of sales propaganda out there deferring people from one technology or the other, stating that Plasma tvs will die faster or that LCD tvs need to have their light changed every few hundred thousand hours, but still no clear facts why I should choose one technology over the other.

The main deciding factor for me was the price and the fact that I recently found out that my wife’s TV, since before we met, is a Plasma TV and the quality and longevity is amazing. She has had the TV for almost 5 years without any problems or loss in quality and no burn in.

Finding that Plasma tvs are almost half the price of a comparable LCD tv the decision was quite clear. Over the holiday weekend I was able to pick up a 50 inch plasma tv for about 750 dollars, where a similar 50 inch LCD tv would have cost me well over 1500 dollars. The quality is outstanding, combined with the price makes the TV in my opinion one of the best deals out there. Even if the TV dies in 2.5 years I can still buy a second plasma TV and still pay less than I would have for the same LCD TV.

I’m guessing that the price difference has to do with simple economics of supply and demand. If everyone wants LCD TVs because they think they are superior in every aspect, then suppliers are going to jack up the price and the opposite is true with plasma. So thank you consumers for allowing me the ability to purchase a 50 inch plasma TV for under 800 dollars.

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