Reclaiming your time, the most valuable currency

Many of us feel that there is just not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things we would like to do. We set goals in life big and small, have fantasies about being rich. Try to pack in as many things and stuff into our daily lives as possible in hopes of reaching those ultimate goals of wealth and happiness. The problem is that most of us find the road to those goals not so wealthy or happy.

Most, if not all of us want to be rich, and in most cases the reason is because we want more time and life to be happier! The problem is that an unrealistic fairy tail goal is set so high up that its almost unattainable at your current rate of action. What if you removed the rich part out of my first statement. I want more time and a happier life, which sounds far more attainable and realistic.

The first step to reclaim your time is a simple yet important task. Stop and I mean completely STOP reading/watching/listening to any news source or media information outlet. This includes ALL newspapers, magazines, TV shows, and Talk radio. The world is going to crumble around you regardless, and there is nothing you can do about it right now so stop trying to find out what is going on its consuming way to much of your time. You could be spending that time with your wife and kids, learning a new hobby or allowing your mind to think relax and unwind instead of trying to burden yourself with the weight of the worlds problems.

Try this for one week and see how it works out, alternatively this can be a great icebreaker of conversation, asking others around you about what is going on in the world. I bet you can gather all you need to know from a few minute conversations from those around you, freeing up countless hours in the day for other more enlightening things.

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