Gmail tips for backing up Outlook

After struggling with Outlook Email and PST folders for a long time, I decided to look around to see if there was any way I could just store my email in the “cloud”. A quick Google search came up with not many solutions, and at that point it came to me! Why can’t I just store my Outlook email in my Gmail account?

Well you can and thats exactly what im doing!

If you don’t already have this setup, enable IMAP for your Gmail account.

I would highly recommend configuring your Labels specifically for your Outlook email so that you have a nice place to organize your storage.

As a quick tip for Gmail labels, you can create “IMAP” sub folders in Gmail labels using the “/”. For example, if you want to have a folder called Home with a sub folder called Family. You would just create a label like this: Home/Family. In outlook you will now have a folder called Home with a sub folder Family! its really quite brilliant and simple, but I never used it until now.

As for Outlook, you are going to now want to configure a new account using your Gmail IMAP feature. Google has a nice little guide in the IMAP settings tab of gmail that will walk you through setting this up.

Once you have all that setup, its now time to start importing mail into Gmail! Just drag and drop your mail into your newly configured gmail IMAP folders and bam there you have it. All your mail stored in the Google sky, searchable and retrievable from anywhere you like.

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