iPhone 3g vodafone settings

If you have an unlocked iPhone and are planning on using it in Spain with vodafone, then you are going to want to know about these settings.

You will need to first purchase a vodafone sim and call customer service to activate the internet. Oh and make sure you speak spanish, because their customer service does not speak english.

Once you have the sim and the internet activated, you are going to need to go into your network settings.

Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network

Then enter these credentials for cellular Data

APN: airtelnet.es
Username: wapwap
password: wap

After you enter those, set your phone to airplane mode then turn it off and internet should be working!!

thanks to this post here!


UPDATE: That set of configuration from above appears to only have worked for me for a few hours. Again vodafone is of no help getting a good working setup so after some searching on the interwebs, I found another set of working configuration from here: http://forums.pinstack.com/f24/tcp_apn_wap_gateway_port_carrier_settings-360/

they actually give you settings for quite a few carriers in different countries.

Vodafone (Spain)
Gateway IP:
Port: 9201
APN: airtelwap.es
username: [email protected]
password: wap125

I didn’t need the gateway or port, but those are working for me at this point. Guess I will wait to see if this dies in the next day or so.

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