How to install the Android keyboard from the ICS 4.0 on your Galaxy SIII

After switching from the to the Galaxy S3 from the Galaxy S2, it became very apparent that the default keyboard provided by Samsung was completely HORRIBLE!  Something had to be done.

Where do I start with the samsung keyboard?  First, type recognition is so far from helpful that it just had to be disabled.  I doubt that it remembers any overrides such as my email address.  It always tried to change my email every time!

Second, trying to type with any speed would render totally useless sentences!  The touch accuracy is horrible.

I installed the Swiftkey 3 keyboard and it worked really well, however, the main problem is the speech to text integration.  Swiftkey 3 takes over the default experience by adding its on take on speech to text.  Its a total step back from the default ICS 4.0 experience.  It asks you to talk then presents you with multiple selections that it thinks you said.  Useless to use while your driving because now you have to read from multiple choices!

The stock android ICS 4.0 keyboard was going to have to be the way to go.  Check out my instructions below for installing the keyboard on your phone.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for Android ICS 4.0 devices, specifically the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

  1. Ensure you are running ICS > 4.0 by going to Settings >> About Device, Android version should say something like 4.04 or greater if you are running a galaxy s3.
  2. Configure your phone to install from external sources. Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources. Make sure Unknown sources checkbox is checked.
  3. Download the application from here: LatinIME.apk I have also linked to the virus check here:
  4. A notification should be displayed in your status bar that the file is downloading.  Once it is finished click on the item in the status bar.  This should launch the install.  If you don’t see the application in the status bar, you can find the file by using the default file manager and browsing to the Download folder.
  5. Agree to all the steps and the keyboard should now be installed.
  6. The next thing you need to do is set up the keyboard as the default.
  7. Go to Settings >> Language and input, check the checkbox next to Android keyboard.
  8. Next tap the Default option above to set your default input method.  Activate the radio button next to English (US) Android keyboard.
  9. Thats it!  You no longer have to deal with the samsung keyboard ever again!

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