iPhone – Love the phone Hate the service

Since purchasing my new iphone 3 days ago, ive had over 10 dropped calls and every day there has been a point where I was unable to place a call. I just get a Beep Beep when trying to dial out. The iPhone’s Beep Beep is now the new Blue screen of death. If you hear it on a call, call has been dropped. If you hear it while dialing tuff luck, your call was not placed.

I guess I can just watch a YouTube video while I wait for service to become available again, “fewest dropped calls” my ass. As most of you can tell by now, I switched over from Verizon. Best damn phone service in the land IMO!

As much as I hate the service, I think im still going to have to stay with AT&T just beause the iPhone is just so damn amazing, with full Web browsing support, and the HUGE number of Free and Paid applications. Its just a clear winner for me. I just hope i dont end up throwing my phone out the window when I need to make a call and can’t.

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