Why is joomla so complicated?

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One of the main things that i like so much about wordpress is that its so simple to use. Over at RocketTheme.com, they make some great templates and I myself am a subscriber, however, ive never been able to use one of them for myself becuase i could never justify the headache to use and maintain the joomla product! When it comes to getting content on the net, wordpress has most things beat hands down.

I would, one day, like to use joomla for something interesting, but until then wordpress is my goto publisher for all things web content.

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  1. I understand your frustration – and I work voluntarily with Joomla every day. 😉 However, the benefits with Joomla compared to WordPress when it comes to building bigger sites are much much bigger.

    Exactly based on usability frustration we’re actually right now developing a whole new generation of Joomla templates/themes where you can set everything around layout etc from the backend of Joomla, similar to the style of WordPress’ simple backend (unless you really wanna dig around in code of course, but that will still be possible).

    Hopes are that this will make more people understand the possibilities with Joomla. 😉

    Have a lekker 2009!
    – Tess

  2. I have actually been a member of RocketTheme for a while and they do a pretty good job making joomla somewhat usealbe with some great templates.

    It is always that initial frustration, when you want to do things like change the homepage Title or add another module on the front page that really gets me.

    Since each of their templates have different custom module positions, there is always a learning curve when it comes to figureing out where the content lives.

    Thanks for your reply, im glad to see others out there feel my pain.

    Check out my current joomla/RocketTheme work here: http://www.dcchaos.com


  3. Agree, i use wordpress from v1.x to V3.0 now, almost 4-5 years and work smooth.

    Last month , i start my business and need to build a company website, i start to find out which CMS is better than WordPress.

    As same as many peoples, the top 3 opensource CMS must be WP,Drupal, Joomla .

    I try Joomla , the admin is fine, complicated than WP, but can be accept, i go to Joomla website find some extension and theme, the web site is too messy and the documentation is shxt…
    I have CMS experience but my company staff could be not.
    Then i try Drupal , after i create a page , play around, change layout, i delete the database, and all file, Drupal is most complicated then Joomla.

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