Strep Throat

Unrelated to the diet series, I have come down with strep throat and am discontinuing the diet series until I my anti-biotics can remove the razors from my throat. Everything was on schedule and working as planned, however, my sickness has caused me to change my eating patterns to very little food consumption.

I should be back on track shortly, and will continue pickup the series where I left off. Apparently eating nothing also causes you to loose and maintain a stable weight.

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Share Any Myspace Artist playlist!

Check out this myspace artist sharing tool at, Its designed to take an artist’s Myspace page, grab their artist playlist and make it easy to share to your Myspace page, without having to know how to get the code from their site. Clearspring is providing the distribution platform, check it out and push your favorite artist play list to your Myspace page or any other social network supported by Clearspring’s sharing tools.

If you have any questions or comments about the myspace sharing tool, feel free to post them here!

WordPress Update

I installed wordpress directly from my server’s control pannel, which was version 2.3.1 of WP. After logging into the admin section I found that there was a critical update WP and I would have to upgrade to the newest version. My normal experience with web software upgrades have been very painful in the past and I thought this was going to be another one of those scenarios… I decided to back up all my data first, then over-rite all my files.

To my surprise, the only thing I had to do was upload the new files. I didn’t even have to run the install.php file! I’m amazed to say the least.