Low-carb diet – Weight loss series

After reading a post about calories by Tim Ferriss, I have decided to go on a 2 week low-carb diet and against my better judgment, post up pictures and results along the way.

Here are the rules and guidelines that I will follow.

  • Week 1, go from my current unknown carb intake to 0 carbs per day.
  • Week 2, incorporate a minimum number of carbs into my diet, determined at the start of week 2.
  • Post daily pictures of my stomach from the front and side, since thats the main area of fat collection.
  • Write my post at night with food eaten, how I feel, and mental status.
  • At the end of week 2 determine the final outcome of the experiment. Either successful or not and give my thoughts.

I work on a busy schedule and don’t always have time for the gym but will also try to incorporate a mild amount of exercise as well. Everything I do in regards to the diet will be documented in the daily post.

Tomorrow I will post my first picture and the foods I ate for that day. Im looking forward to this…… Wish me luck and let me know what you think. If you have any questions, comments or would like me to try something along the way please let me know.

iStraw, Personal Water Filtration System

While stumbling around on Stumble! I came across an interesting little straw that claims it can filter out 7 Nines of bacteria from your drinking water, using micro-filtration technology.

Very cool and a must for any traveler, hiker or backpacker. Its easy to carry in your pocket and can mean the difference between a horrible or enjoyable travel experience.

Price: 39.99 ThinkGeek.com

5 Relevant money saving tips

Many people think they need to reduce or even stop spending all together just to save money. Changing your thinking about the way you spend your money is the real key to keeping more green in your pockets from month to month, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop playing the games you like fromĀ www.666casino.com, you can still do it, you just have to do it with moderation.

Improve your credit score

Many of you think that this is an impossible act but its not, its even easier than you think! The amount of money you can save by having a semi-decent credit score is amazing when you think that most people with a a FICO of 4-500 can only get interest rates of 17% or worse on car loans, and might not even be able to get one at all. Many of the negative items on your credit can easily be removed within 4-6 months. I did it and so can you, check out DSI Solutions for more information.

More than 70% of the people out there have some negative items on their credit from the past 7 years, most of which are items like late payments and over drafts. All of which can be removed from you credit score with little or no work from you. The best part is DSI provides a money back garuntee for their services. If you are not satisfied with their efforts you can easily get a refund of service!

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Consolidate your credit cards

This seems like a simple thing but many people have multiple credit cards and store specific charge cards, even lines of credit from that computer or furniture purchase. I bet you can not tell me what each credit lines interest rate is right now. If you can’t then thats a definite sign that you need to first find out and second get all those items consolidated into one such as a low introductory rate credit card or a low interest consolidation loan from the bank. Try to stear clear from credit card consolidation companies and work with someone like your bank. Consolidation companies are created by the credit card companies Continue reading 5 Relevant money saving tips

Grand Central – Centralized phone number solution

Google does it again, purchasing a startup Grand Central. At this point its a free service that allows you to centralize all your phone numbers into one, allowing you to give out one number that can be routed to any number you may have.

Currently its has been put into a beta state, presumably because its been pruchased by google, but without much wait I was able to obtain an invite into the service. If any of you would like an invite just comment in this post with your email address and I will pass it along.

Noteable features include the ability to dial as your grand central number, from your address book online (currently unlimited but will become a paid service when beta is over). Switch numbers in the middle of the call, this is great if your cell phone is dieing or you are not getting good service inside your home. Listening in on people leaving a voice mail, even answer the call in the middle of the voice mail too! Others include call blocking, forwarding, voicemail and more…

Check it out for yourself over at Grand Central for more information and if you are interested, dont forget to drop me a comment and I will send you an invite.

Bloging Tip: Blog directly from flickr

?, originally uploaded by Chitra Aiyer.

Flickr has a great feature that allows you to post directly to your blog from their site! Its quite amazing and easier than you think.

First you will need to actually have a flickr.com account, which will store your blogging account information.

Once you are logged into your flickr account browse to a photo that you would like to blog about and take a look at the top of the image. Click the link that says: “Blog This” If you haven’t yet setup a blog, you will be able to walk through the process from the options in the drop down menu.

Once you blog type is configured and your user credentials are entered, you can easily post any image to your blog just by clicking the “Blog This” icon! Don’t worry Flickr gives you the option of saving your password or entering it every time if you are one who doesn’t like storing your passwords.

One great thing about posting directly from flickr.com is the ability to set the style and type the body of your message without ever having to leave flickr.com!

Enjoy and happy posting!

More myspace friends

I have been on a quest to get as many friends possible on myspace, which has been fairly successful. Over the past few weeks, I have accumulated over 1100 friends. This has been accomplished using a few sites, which I will list below. Overall the process is manual, and the quality of people that are added to your profile are about half decent the other half bots or spam. If you are trying to market a product on myspace using this technique, the best way would be to spam friends, put up a picture of a hot girl, and target your product directly to myspace users. Such as a friend spammer, profile tool or any other type of myspace tool.

You can also be sure that the site that your using to spam isnt going to spam you with additional spam because any good site only requires your friend ID without any other form of registration. This makes it quick and easy to start spamming for friends.

Below are the list of sites used to spam friends to my profile:

  • Adderdaemon.com

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  • Tonsofadds.com

    Get tons of friends FAST!

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    And get tons of friends.
  • Friendstorm.net

    FriendStorm is a great way to make thousands of new friends on MySpace fast!

    Whether you just want to make new friends or are trying to promote your band, website, or business. FriendStorm is FREE so come try it today!

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Meet the spartans

Courtesy of rottentomato

The other night I went to see “Meet the Spartans“, all I can say is that it was a horrible disappointment. It was more like watching a bad high school play than a movie. How is it possible that people even went to see this movie? The overly gay connotation, bad writing, and horrible use of internet media as cameo appearances.

I would not recommend anyone to pay to see this movie. If you want, download the first 5 minutes off the internet so you can get an idea of what im talking about. Its not even worth downloading the whole thing. The era of the spoof movies has to stop!