1Password review, the good, the bad and nice to have

After reading few articles here and here I realized it was time to put my old password ways behind me and move forward.  Admittedly, like many others on the net, I have been using the same password everywhere!

After some quick trial and error with a few products on the market I settled on 1Password.  There wasn’t any real scientific method here, it was just one of the first ones I found that was integrated with all of my possible devices, this being very important, as I use many different platforms such as android, mac and random computers.

The good

I already covered one of the first thi

ngs that drew me to the product above, but let me reiterate.  This product works well on almost operating systems.  That being Mac, Windows, and mobile platforms.  If your OS is not supported, you can always use the web based version in cooperation with a dropbox account.

Mac users can find the app via the app store, and most mobile platforms have an app of some level in their respective markets/app stores.

If you are not yet convinced that 1Password is the app for you, you can always take it for a  spin for 30 days unrestricted at their website.  It took me 2 trials over a 6 month period before I finally said “I do”. Continue reading 1Password review, the good, the bad and nice to have