Why do couples that hate each other, stay together?

This has been an interesting question that many of you have asked over the years. As I have observed and helped many couples either move on or figure out what was going on, I have found a few simple answers to this complicated question. The answer to this question is the same answer to many other problems in everyone’s life, the fact that humans like simplicity and constants. Most people are opposed to change and see change as the enemy even if their current situation is in dire need of change.

This happens in many aspects of our life. We are in a job that we hate but don’t leave because either we think there are no other options or are forced to stay because of self inflicted obligations such as over extended debt load or improper planning, the first probably being the cause of the second. Maybe we are in a relationship that everyone knows is toxic, but we stay because change is hard.

There is a simple pattern here, the simple need for change in a situation that requires some action to see improvement. Maybe the relationship does not need a drastic change to see a drastic improvement, or maybe your job could simply be improved by changing your outlook and reducing the negative. In the end, bad situations require some sort of cause to have any sort of effect. Continue reading Why do couples that hate each other, stay together?