Zagg Invisible Shield Follow Up – BodyGuardz Review

not so invisible

I will start by saying this, DO NOT BUY THE ZAGG INVISIBLE SHIELD FOR IPHONE! It is a complete waste of money!

I received my zagg invisible shield on Febuary 10th, and recount my installation horror story here:

Im not one to completely disown a company, however, this has to be the worst product you could ever put on your iphone. Here are just a couple of things that Zagg needs to seriously improve on before they ever consdier selling their invisible sheild to anyone!

Installation was the most frustrating experience I have gone though in a while! Now, I can understand that it was my first time and that it does require a bit of a delicate touch, however, should it really be that hard?

Decreased touch response on the screen. I brought this up with zagg support and they said “You’ll get use to the change in touch performance. It’s not hindered, just different.” What is that supposed to mean? Why would I want my touch performance to be different than if I had nothing on the screen at all? To their defense, i never did call customer support. But I was at this point fed up with the product and going to just live with it.

Now if those were the only problems with the product I think that I would be OK, but obviously they are not!

The cover becomes severly discolored! I own a white iphone and after only 2 months with the zagg “invisible” shield it had become anything BUT invisible! Take a look at the above picture after removing the back cover. Continue reading Zagg Invisible Shield Follow Up – BodyGuardz Review