Bloging Tip: Blog directly from flickr

?, originally uploaded by Chitra Aiyer.

Flickr has a great feature that allows you to post directly to your blog from their site! Its quite amazing and easier than you think.

First you will need to actually have a account, which will store your blogging account information.

Once you are logged into your flickr account browse to a photo that you would like to blog about and take a look at the top of the image. Click the link that says: “Blog This” If you haven’t yet setup a blog, you will be able to walk through the process from the options in the drop down menu.

Once you blog type is configured and your user credentials are entered, you can easily post any image to your blog just by clicking the “Blog This” icon! Don’t worry Flickr gives you the option of saving your password or entering it every time if you are one who doesn’t like storing your passwords.

One great thing about posting directly from is the ability to set the style and type the body of your message without ever having to leave!

Enjoy and happy posting!