Another project coming to and end

Today marks the official end to another project as it sails away with the product owner and the users.  This one was fun, working on a project where I had complete control over the code and the decisions that drove the technology really empowered and had me enjoying every step.

I believe this post is just going to be me rambling on about recent events, making me realize that my communication skills need some work.  I find it hard to put my thoughts into words sometimes.  People have said this comes with the developer territory.

Where does this leave off my day?  I really enjoyed working with my team and driving to an end goal, actually accomplishing it!  What a great feeling to know that what you set out to do got accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, with a minimal amount of headache!

I’ve been interested in starting some sort of coder mentor program, that would work with anyone interested in learning development, but just doesn’t really know where to start.  Looking around online, I haven’t really been able to find something, and wonder if anyone would be interested in that sort of thing. Continue reading Another project coming to and end

101 Relevant resources for Entrepreneurs

I came across this site on the net and had to share it with everyone. So many tools aggregated into one site that you are going to need a tool to keep track of all these tools. Luckily you dont have to, has put them all together and categorized them for you. Everything from time management to finding freelancers and Social Networking.

Have fun and dont get to overwhelmed with all the information. Take it in a bit at a time. Its interesting that I already use many of these sites already on a daily basis.

Check it out:
101 Useful Resources for Online Entrepreneurs

Bloging Tip: Blog directly from flickr

?, originally uploaded by Chitra Aiyer.

Flickr has a great feature that allows you to post directly to your blog from their site! Its quite amazing and easier than you think.

First you will need to actually have a account, which will store your blogging account information.

Once you are logged into your flickr account browse to a photo that you would like to blog about and take a look at the top of the image. Click the link that says: “Blog This” If you haven’t yet setup a blog, you will be able to walk through the process from the options in the drop down menu.

Once you blog type is configured and your user credentials are entered, you can easily post any image to your blog just by clicking the “Blog This” icon! Don’t worry Flickr gives you the option of saving your password or entering it every time if you are one who doesn’t like storing your passwords.

One great thing about posting directly from is the ability to set the style and type the body of your message without ever having to leave!

Enjoy and happy posting!

Share Any Myspace Artist playlist!

Check out this myspace artist sharing tool at, Its designed to take an artist’s Myspace page, grab their artist playlist and make it easy to share to your Myspace page, without having to know how to get the code from their site. Clearspring is providing the distribution platform, check it out and push your favorite artist play list to your Myspace page or any other social network supported by Clearspring’s sharing tools.

If you have any questions or comments about the myspace sharing tool, feel free to post them here!