Installing vmware tools on Fedora 17

The process is not straight forward.  Here is my attempt at a writeup of installing vmware tools on Fedora 17 with VMWare fusion 5.

  1. First make sure your Fedora vm has been shutdown and not suspended.
  2. You need to set the linux.iso file as the mounted image before starting fedora.
  3. To do this, Go to vmware tools machine library and select your fedora 17 image.
  4. Click Settings
  5. Click CD/DVD (IDE)
  6. You will see a dropdown, here you need to select Choose a disk or image.
  7. If you did a default install on Mac of VMWare fusion then you are going to select the iso image under this path. /Applications/VMware Fusion/Contents/Library/isoimages/linux.iso
  8. if you are not familiar with selecting application files you might want to navigate to that path directly and copy the iso image do your desktop or something and select it form there.  The default functionality of mac is to not let you navigate into application files from finder.
  9. After selecting the image, start your fedora vm.
  10. Once your image has started, open a terminal window and install perl.
  11. sudo yum install perl
  12. After that has completed you will need to extract the contents of the image to your desktop or some other location.
  13. Click Activities in the top left, then click the removable devices icon on bottom right, clicking the VMware tools device.  This will open a folder.  Right click and extract this to some path you can get to from a terminal window.
  14. You should now have a folder called vmware-tools-distrib
  15. navigate to that folder using a terminal window
  16. execute sudo ./
  17. Choose all defaults and you should be all set.
  18. You might need to logout and log back in for the settings to take effect.

Hope this helps those of you that found the condescending and RTFM guides a bit undesirable.